A celebratory collection of real life stories that’s built around you and your experience of living, working and growing in Manchester.

  • The Pankhurst Trust is committed to challenging gender inequality and ending the social injustice and violence against women and girls this fosters. What better way of doing this than by encouraging women to use their voice and then making sure it is heard for generations to come.
    — The Pankhurst Trust
  • Manchester Libraries & Archives are proud to be part of the Women's Words Manchester project. Committed to improving quality of life and life chances for all women, and through support and empowerment, we enable every woman to be the very best that she can be.
    — Manchester Libraries and Archives
  • Wordplay Community Arts is excited to be empowering women from a diverse range of backgrounds to explore their creativity and to provide a platform for marginalised voices to be heard.
    — Wordplay
  • Soroptimist International Manchester is part of a global volunteer movement working to transform the lives of women and girls. This is a great opportunity for women to speak about their experiences.
    — Soroptimist International Manchester



Are you a woman who’s 16 years or older? We want you to add your own words to a new archive of women’s stories about living, working and growing in this vibrant city we call home; Manchester.

Has this city been a part of your story as you’ve become the amazing woman you are today? We’d love to hear your story in your own words. You don’t have a to be a confident writer to take part. It’s your story that matters, not your ability or background. Even if you can’t write in English, you can have someone write your words down for you. Your story should be 1000 words or less, and can be in the form of a story, a poem, even a list of notes, memories or thoughts.

A selection of some stories will be published in a beautiful, hand-crafted magazine based on the historic The Suffragette magazine to honour 100 years since women got the right to vote in 1918.

We’ll put your story into a Central Library Archive with all the other women’s stories we get. Your words will be protected and preserved to celebrate all the vibrant, beautiful and powerful women who have made Manchester what it is today.


To help you complete and write your stories – we are putting on three life-writing workshops across Manchester.

We have lined up the fabulously talented life-writing specialists Michelle Green and Kate Feld to lead on these workshops, so this is your chance to polish up your stories or find motivation and inspiration to get it done.

We’ll also be sharing writing resources and inspiration through our blog, facebook and twitter accounts. So, do check them out regularly.


  • Q1: How can I submit my story?

    Download our entry booklet and submit your story by handing it in at any Manchester Public Library or the Pankhurst Centre, or send it to us in an email. But don’t forget, if you are sending it electronically to include your name, postal address, phone number and email address.


  • Q2: When is the submission deadline?

    Your words must reach us by the 24th of November 2017. You can email us until midnight on the 24th.

  • Q3: Can anyone take part?

    Yes. If you are a woman, or identify and live as woman, and are aged 16 or over, you can participate.

  • Q4: Do we get anything for sending you our stories?

    There is no financial remuneration for participating. This is a collection that’s being put together to capture a moment in history. What you get is the knowledge that your words and your story are going to be preserved and protected forever, allowing your story to be a part of the history and legacy of Manchester.

  • Q5: What if English is not my first language?

    It doesn’t matter if you can’t write fluently in English. We still want your stories and experiences of Manchester. Just have someone you know sit down with you and have them write down your story for you. This is not a writing competition. We want your words, your story, and as long as it is a true life-story, we are happy to accept it into our archive.

  • Q6: I am an ordinary woman and haven’t led an exciting life. Why do you want my story?

    We want your story because ordinary lives are just as important as extraordinary ones. This is going to be an archive that captures a moment in time, in history. If we only had stories of women who have done amazing things, we would not have a complete picture of Manchester now. Your story matters. Every woman’s story matters. The more women who send in their life-story, the more rounded and complete our archive will be.

  • Q7: I’ve only recently moved to Manchester. Why do you want my story?

    Even if you’ve not been here long, it is now your home. Perhaps you’d like to tell us how it has been moving to Manchester? What made you move here? Has life changed for you since you came to this city? All of these questions would provide very interesting and intriguing answers and would give our archive a compelling story. So, do send us your story even if Manchester has only recently become your home. It will help add another layer to the picture of women’s lives in Manchester.

  • Q8: Terms and Conditions

    By sending us your story, you are agreeing that the Council and the Pankhurst Centre can use your words in any reasonable form.

    They must be your own words.