So much has happened since our last blog post.

The Lord Mayor of Manchester with his #1 copy of the 1st edition re-imagined Suffragette magazine.

Our Suffragette Tea Party was a huge success. What amazing, powerful words and what fabulous women our city nurtures and supports. There are loads of photos and descriptions both on our twitter and Facebook page so do please go check them out.

And do please go look at our exhibition on until the end of April at the Central Library in Manchester. The work displayed has been created by our most vulnerable and marginalised – those going through homelessness, those experiencing domestic violence and abuse and those going through the refugee and asylum seeker process. Some of their work is incomplete, and this has been left as is, not prettified because it is important to reflect the chaos and complexity of their lives and personal situations – and yet their work also reflects their passions, their determination to have their stories told. Don’t imagine that they have nothing to teach you and nothing to inspire you with. Go have look and be proud of all of the women of our city.

This is what it was all about – the words of the women of Manchester and their stories of living, working and growing in our fair city.


On a personal note, I was part of a panel with Harriet that was interviewed on the BBC. See that and know that this project has been about giving voice to the voiceless and ensuring that all stories are valued, preserved and protected.


If you submitted a piece to our archive, we will be in touch with you through the course of the year and we hope to have everything ready by the middle of 2018.

This is us – the artists who’ve worked with the talented and amazing women of Manchester to produce such powerful words.

And don’t forget, our re-imagined Suffragette magazine is available for sale both at the Manchester Library and at the Pankhurst Heritage Museum.


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