Very soon, our three selections for the re-imagined Suffragette magazine from the nearly 300 submissions we have received will be made. Once they are chosen, the three writers will be contacted. If you don’t hear back from the Pankhurst Trust by Christmas, it is unlikely that your story will be included in the Suffragette. However, your story is still of great value, and will go directly into the archives to be held in Central Library.

We hope that once all the requirements for data protection and safety are complete that the archives will be ready to view by May/June 2018. The exact date will be announced later on.

At the moment, our shortlist of fifteen submissions are being read by Michelle Green and Alex Keelan, two of the writers also involved in the project; Michelle as one of our workshop leaders, and Alex as one of our three commissioned writers, who are also contributing a piece each to the Suffragette magazine. The other commissioned writers are the talented Reshma Ruia and the one and only Rosie Garland. 

Harriet and I keeping the three commissioned pieces tightly under wraps, and other than for Lucy and Hilary who are working on the Suffragette, we’ve not shared them even within the Steering Group. We are hoping to delight everyone when the first proof-reading takes place of the Suffragette on the 9th of January, 2018.

We’ve decided to only print 500 special edition copies of the re-imagined Suffragette, making them truly collectible pieces of art. 50 of these 500 will then be hand stitched by our workshop participants and signed by Dr Helen Pankhurst. So if you took part in one of our “My Own Story” workshops, look out for your invitation to come to the Pankhurst and help hand stitch a copy and see it before it is officially out for sale at our Gala on the 5th of February 2018. Invitations should go out sometime in January.

We look forward to sharing more information about the progress of the Suffragette as it becomes available.

For more information do visit our website at #womenswordsmcr.

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