I am really excited to be part of the Women’s Words project on the Wordplay team. In my role as artist and printmaker, I will be working with the Pankhurst Centre to create a new edition of ‘The Suffragette’ publication to re-launch in February 2018. Alongside the talented designer and illustrator Hilary Judd, we will re-imagine ‘The Suffragette’ for the 21st century. We hope to create a publication full of the stories shared over the past few months since the launch of ‘Words for Women’ highlighting some of the wonderful women that have contributed to the project. With the inspiring Wordplay organised workshops and activities taking place across Manchester from now until the new year, the publication will illustrate the achievements and talents of some of Manchesters’ marginalised groups of women who have worked with artists to voice their stories.

In keeping with the design and look of the original magazine, we will use the format as inspiration, adapting the typography and layout to accommodate a more contemporary format. With generous sponsorship from GF.Smith paper merchants and EE.Chrisp Printers, the limited edition publication promises to be a beautifully designed and created collectable that will commemorate the centenary of women in England being given the right to vote. Keep an eye on the blog for updates on the progress of the design and production of the publication.

As well as being part of the re-design of ‘The Suffragette’ I am also thrilled to be involved in working on a collaborative print work for Women’s Words. Over the next 6 weeks, working with women attending the Wednesday drop-in sessions at the Pankhurst Centre and the women attending workshops with Michelle, Kate, Suzanne and Emily in libraries around the city, I will be gathering inspirational quotes, stories and phrases to form a collaborative poem. The poem will be hand typeset with wood and lead type and letterpress printed at Hot Bed Press in Salford in December. The women who contributed their words will be invited to come and pull a print in the print workshop and see their words come to life. We hope to display and showcase the print at our celebratory event at Manchester Central Library in February 2018. I will keep you all posted on the developments of the project through this blog.

To see some of Lucy’s amazing work go to: https://lucymayschofield.wordpress.com/ and http://www.lucymayschofield.com/archive-1/

Lucy will be leading the two workshops happening on:

Wednesday, 8th Nov. Burnage Library. Email womenswords@burnageactivityhub.org.uk or ring 01612273774 to book. Time: 12.00 to 2.00 pm

Wednesday, 15th Nov. Gorton Library. Ring 01612273737 to book your place. Time: 12.00 to 2.00 pm

These are lunch-time gatherings so if you can steal away for two hours with a long lunch – please do. You won’t regret it. Lucy’s passion for excellence, her gentle personality and beautiful creativity are sure to get your juices flowing, and your own creativity fired up to produce something extraordinary for the Women’s Words Archive.