You might all know I’ve been working on Women’s Words Mcr since Sept 2015. Well the deadline for submitting your entries to our archive is soon approaching. 24th Nov is not far off now.

So here’s a quick recap!

If you identify as a woman and are 16 and over, we want to know about you. If you identify yourself as a Mancunian, then we want your story in our archive. Those are the only two requirements to have your life story preserved and protected in the Women’s Words Mcr Archive.

So what are you waiting for?

This is our time to have our trials, our victories, our passions and our pains celebrated, documented, remembered and heard. Women have been erased from history not just because of patriarchy, but because, we as women feel our stories are not worth sharing, telling. Well they are important and women’s stories matter. Your story matters!

Life writing is being creative and focusing on some part of your life and telling it so that it shines a light on the true, authentic you. Our archive wants to capture what it means to be a woman of Manchester living, working and growing in our city.

Let’s make history together.


Submission deadline is 24th of November. Don’t miss out.

You can email your words to:

Or drop it in at any Manchester Public Library. Or, even drop it off at the Pankhurst Centre.

And remember, if you need a computer to help you tidy up your submission, you can access a computer and a printer at any Public Library throughout Manchester.

If you’d like to know more about me you can at