Hello all,

Michelle Green

Here are the workshop notes from last week. Have a look and please use them step by step to keep developing your story for the archive.

I just want to let you all know that I was really blown away by you all at our workshop – it was a real honour to work with you and I am so grateful that you came, wrote, spoke, contributed, and brought such integrity into that space. I have been running workshops like these for almost 15 years, and last week was a rare treat, believe me. I hope you feel good about what we started, and I really look forward to reading what you choose to share.

This archive is the start of what will be a huge and important document of women’s lives, experiences, realities, struggles, and triumphs. You have powerful stories inside you, and stories are what make us, what teach us, what comfort us, and what inspire us. By sharing your stories you are reaching out to other women and girls in particular, as well as everyone else who will read them, and sharing the experiences that made you is an act of huge generosity.

After the Abraham Moss Library workshop

Remember that you don’t have to write about Manchester, or something that happened in Manchester. YOU are here, and that is what matters. You bring your whole history and all of your experiences to this city, and that is what makes it such a rich place to live.

As a reminder, the closing date for submitting stories to the archive is 24th November 2017. You can email it to womenswords@thepankhurstcentre.org.uk or hand write it in one of the books we had at the workshop and hand it in at your local library. The maximum word count is 1000 words, and it can be in any form: poetry, prose, memoir, a list of thoughts, notes, memories – whatever you feel is right. If you wish to send it in in English and another language, please email it to the address above if you can.

All the very best as you write. I know you have amazing things inside waiting to be shared, as I saw that at our workshop, so please speak out and join us!

Much love,