Women’s stories: let’s talk about us!

It’s been really interesting to see how apprehensive a lot of the women I’m talking to find the prospect of writing down their stories. But I’m here to help you see that it is no different to writing down on paper what is in your heart and mind. I want to make you comfortable in sharing your stories, in telling us as this project progresses about the small and big events, happenings and moments that have shaped your life and made you the person you are today.

I see a blog as an online journal, a place to document your stories as they unfold on a day to day basis. And this is what I’d love to share with you. The clarity and freedom that comes from putting down your words onto paper or on an online format so that you can go back to them and reflect. And as we go forward together via this project, I’ll blog as often as I can so you can see my journey into writing my story to add to the archive, too. Because although I’m part of the steering committee that’s worked with the rest of our team to bring this project to fruition, I am going to submit my story to the archive as well.

And the reason why is, I believe that every woman in Manchester has a story to tell. And each of us should not allow anything to get in the way of us being a part of this moment in history. The building of this archive is really important. A 100 years after women over 30 got the vote, we really need to reflect on where we are now. What have we achieved together? What still needs to be done to be seen as different but equal.

And so, I urge you to keep a record of how it feels to write, as you write, and then use that to help you over-come your blocks, fears and challenges in the writing process.

The Women’s Words Manchester project is the perfect moment to reflect on your life-journey. Where are you now? How did you get here? Would you be here if it were not for physically being in Manchester at this stage in your life?

If any of your stories answer these questions, jot them down. Then come along to one of our three life-writing workshops being held in Crumpsall, Longsight or Chorlton and refine that into a story that’s perfect for submission and add your story to our archive.

Who am I and why am I asking you to share you story?

Well, my name is Tasneem Perry. I’m a writer, educator and above all a transformation and reinvention specialist. I help women, especially, reinvent and rebrand themselves through the power of sharing their stories and coming to an understanding of who they really are and what they really want. In essence helping them reconnect with their authentic self and hear their inner wise woman. Even if your life-journey has been filled with challenges and trauma, it is important to share that aspect of yourself with us. We are all made up of shadow and light, and sometimes the easiest way into the light is to share the shadows, to bring them to the fore, look them in the eye and allow their power to finally be over-come.

If you have an inner wise woman you’ve not heard in a while, one of the best tips I can suggest is to start writing. She will slowly but surely come to the front, tell you what you really want as you start listening to your thoughts via the sitting down quietly and journalling process. Allow participation in this project to be your spring-board, your opportunity to reflect on your past and reframe your future.

Let’s share our stories. Let’s make history, together.

I’d love it if each and every woman from Manchester contributes her story to the archive. It is so important to have our stories told, protected and preserved.

You can find me here go.tasneemperry.com